Our New Arrivals Part 3.

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Our 10th and final chick greeted us this morning when we arrived to school. We could hear him cheeping  out in the corridor before we even got into the classroom. That is why we called him Cheepers.  Unfortunately one chicken didn’t make it out of its egg and we had 3 empty eggs.

Pupils reviews

“It was a really exciting experience and breathtaking to see the chicks hatch out and to play with them on the  table. We even got to name a chick of our own .”

“It was an amazing experience. It was really cool to see the chicks hatch. I will miss them terribly. I wish them the best in their new home.”

“It was wonderful to see a chick break out of its egg. I had never seen anything like it before”

“It was a bit boring at the start when the eggs were doing nothing, but as they started to hatch it was amazing.It was hard to believe that a chick could come out of those eggs”

“It was nice to see the chickens hatch and it was nice to hold them”

“It was a magnificient experience to watch eggs hatch. The waiting was very tense but it was wonderful to see them out at the end”

“It was nice. The chickens were lovely and cute. We took photos of them when they came out of their shells.”

“It was an amazing experience for me to see them hatch.They are ugly when they come out first but then they got fluffy and cute”

“It was a wonderful experience that I will never forget. To see them hatch was lifechanging.”

“It was an extraordinary experience. I have never seen anything like it before. The chicks are so cute. It was just amazing”

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