The adorable. (the new arrival)

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On Wednesday the 18th April 2012, 6th class put 14 hen eggs into an incubator, in the hopes that in 21 days we would have chickens. Every morning and evening someone had to check the humidity and temperature of the incubator. The humidity had to be between 40% and 50% and the temperature had to be 37.5 degrees. If the humidity was greater than 50% our teacher opened the vent on top of the incubator. Every 4 to 5 days our teacher filled the bottom of the incubator with water.
On day 15 Mrs. Mc Mahon brought in a light which was called a candler. A candler is a light which you put up against the egg to see if there is life inside. If there is life, you would see veins, the outline of the chicken and sometimes some movement.
On Tuesday 8th May at 8.55 our first chicken hatched (a day early!!) and we named it Theodor. Log in tomorrow for further updates………..

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