Hand Sanitizers

Filed Under (Health) by mdillon4399 on 01-09-2009

Please note in light of the current issue regarding the prevention of the spread of Swine Flu, all children must use the Hand Sanitizers that are provided in the school. The Sanitizers are located at each exit door.  Please remind your child to use on first entering the school in the morning and coming in from the yard after each break. 
Please supply your child with tissues and explain the proper use – sneezing, coughing,
wiping noses etc.

Hands Hands 

Remind your child to wash his/her hands after using the bathroom.
All parents and visitors to the school must use the Hand Sanitizers.
Parents are discouraged from collecting their children from school before dismissal
time except in case of emergency.
If a parent wishes to speak to class teacher or principal please ring in advance to make

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